Sunday, 22 May 2016

Underwater communication

Opening you eyes and talking underwater for humans is very difficult as the vision becomes blurred and sound wave reporting in water is not smooth as it is in air.

Sound wave needs some medium (air, water) to travel. It cannot travel in vacuum such as outer space. Sound waves in air and water have similar pattern but its reporting and reception varies.

Wonder, how fishes and aquatic life makes it so easy? It is the biological phenomenon called as electro-reception.  Although all animals have the potential electro-reception i..e., to generate electric signals. Animals possessing electro-reception function helps them in mating and locating objects such as predators or prey.

The range of electro-reception is about one body length which is enough to sense and protect yourself from the prey or predator. Different species have different modes of reception and some have evolved only to react to these signals. Humans have zero electoreceptive potential which makes it dangerous for humans to swim in sharks zone. On the other side sharks 2/3rd brain is devoted to olfactory organs. This part is very interesting and novel to explore about. Since sharks usually does not attack humans, it is purely by accident. As sharks respond to electro-reception (food/target) but will not give the idea of the taste. Therefore, they usually attack the humans to try the taste which ultimately results into bleeding. This makes the case more vulnerable as the salts in blood enhances the electric field which gives them the clear target to attack continuously.

Over here, scientists are trying to develop an electric field artificially to prevent the sharks from swimming in family beaches or the range of family beaches.

So if you want to study sharks, focus on electo-reception.....

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